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Berry - Open-source React Dashboard Template

Hello Coders,

This article presents Berry, an open-source React Dashboard crafted for free by CodedThemes agency. This product is a creative yet minimal React Dashboard built on top of Material UI meant to be lightweight and highly customizable. For newcomers, React is an open-source library, probably the most popular one at the moment we speak, actively supported by Facebook.

Thanks for reading! - Content provided by Admin Dashboards

Berry - Open-source React Dashboard Template, animated presentation.

Berry is a complete game-changer React Dashboard Template with easy and intuitive responsive design as on retina screens or laptops that comes with a few nice features "out-of-the-box": Material UI design with many beautifully styled-components, easy to use code structure, and comprehensive documentation.

How to build the code

To download and compile Berry, we weed Git command-line tool to clone the sources from the public repository and NodeJs, at least version 10 or higher.

Step #1 - clone the sources

$ git clone
$ cd berry-free-react-admin-template
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Step #2 - Install modules (via Npm or Yarn)

$ npm run install # via NPM 
// OR
$ yarn
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Step #3 - Start the project with LIVE reload on code changes

$ npm run start
// OR
$ yarn start 
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Once the product is compiled the browser window should be started automatically and we can see Berry Dashboard in action.

Berry React Dashboard - Login Page

Berry React Dashboard - Login Screen.

Berry React Dashboard - Icons Page

Berry React Dashboard - Icons Screen.

Berry React Dashboard - UI Colors.

Berry React Dashboard - Colors Screen.

Thanks for Reading! For more resources, please access:

  • Berry Dashboard PRO - the premium version of this product with JWT Authentication and more pages.
  • More React Templates (affiliate link) crafted by the same agency - CodedThemes.

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Rakesh S Nakrani

Thanks for this great post. Berry Premium version will release in next week at the Material-UI store. BTW I am very grateful to @sm0ke to help me out in Berry journey.

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