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Add a "Copy Link to Clipboard" button to your website in 10 lines of code

Providing your users an easy way to share your blog posts is an SEO no brainer. Using the default Navigator api [navigator.clipboard.writeText] is a common approach, but lacks mobile support.

The best way to copy selected text to the clipboard is by creating a hidden textarea. Luckily, all you need to do is copy the following code:


  onClick={() => {
  Copy Link to Clipboard
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const CopyToClipboard = toCopy => {
  const el = document.createElement(`textarea`)
  el.value = toCopy
  el.setAttribute(`readonly`, ``) = `absolute` = `-9999px`
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You can easily extend this by displaying an alert to give users success feedback. An example of how this could be done in Material-UI is with a Snackbar and a piece of state to control the snackbar.
Check out the full post on to see how.

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Peter Franken

FYI You can use the native clipbloard API writeText method like so navigator.clipboard.writeText(window.location.href) and get rid of the entire hidden textarea function.