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How to Write a Request for Proposal (RFP)?

An RFP document helps your company find suitable clients/vendors for the project, allowing you to fairly vet the strengths and weaknesses of different proposals without having to spend time and resources seeking them for yourself. The best way to create such documents is via an RFP template.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. We will soon give you a perfect Request for Proposal template that will help you create visually stunning documents without any external help. But first, let’s learn everything there is to know about RFPs and what are the key elements you need to include in such documents. Read on…

What is an RFP?

‍According to Wikipedia, A request for proposal (RFP) is a document that solicits proposals, often made through a bidding process, by an agency or company interested in procurement of a commodity, service, or valuable asset, to potential suppliers to submit business proposals.

In simple words, an RFP is a request for a proposal and is raised by organizations that are interested in third parties helping them with some part of their business. The document lays out what the organization is looking for along with the bidding process and contract terms and third parties apply accordingly.

Follow these 11 simple steps for writing a Request for Proposal (RFP)

‍Here are the steps for creating a perfect and impressive Rfp:

  1. Add the title of the proposal
  2. Write a small description of the company
  3. Include project name
  4. Mention the schedule of proposal
  5. Describe project overview
    Give an overview of what the project entails.

  6. Outline project goals
    Explain the overall goals of the project.

  7. Write scope of work
    Spell out the deliverables that are necessary.

  8. Explain how current roadblocks & barriers can be removed
    Provide a list of risks associated with the project.

  9. Include evaluation metrics & criteria
    Provide a list of criteria the companies will be evaluated with.

  10. Outline submission requirements of the proposal
    Provide the requirements and deadline that needs to be met.

  11. Provide contact information
    Provide contact information for users to ask additional questions.

To make the process of creating your request for proposal documentation easier, we have created a ready-made RFP template for you!

RFP Template

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