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Top SaaS Products for Small Businesses in 2020

There are SaaS tools for fundamental business functions of accounting, content curation, customer relationship management, document collaboration, email marketing, knowledge management, productivity, etc.

We have listed the top SaaS products we have found to be useful for small and medium businesses to enable smooth functioning: – Document Collaboration Tool

it is a new-age cloud-based workspace and document collaboration SaaS platform. It helps teams work together while they simultaneously share information across applications, like a virtual office!

Bit lets you create workspaces for any group, project, team, or anything else. Workspaces can be used to create, collaborate, and organize all of your business’s work in one place.

Within a workspace, you can create interactive live documents, dynamic notes, documents, company wikis, knowledge bases, instruction manuals, one-pager, client deliverables, training manuals, process documentation, while integrating across multiple apps.

Elink – Content Curation Tool is an amazing all-in-one content curation & content marketing SaaS tool that helps marketers and content creators publish email newsletters, web pages, and embed web content by just adding web links! Turn a collection of web links (articles, videos, etc.) into visual content in seconds.

You can easily convert weblink collections to email newsletters and export to MailChimp, Gmail & all third-party email providers that allow HTML code (including Campaign Monitor, MadMimi, Active Campaign, etc.)

You can track content your performance and engagement levels on the content created and shared.

Slack – Communication SaaS Tool

Slack is the most popular communication SaaS tool for remote teams and brings all your communication needs in one place. Users create message groups called ‘channels’.

Channels can be created for a team, project, location, client, or anything else! In these channels, the entire team can have conversations, collaborate, and share files. File sharing is super easy with Slack, as it integrates with over 2000+ apps. No wonder it’s considered as a savior from those long email chains!

Buffer – Social Media Management SaaS Software

If you have multiple social media channels to manage, working on them separately can be tiring. A well-known social media management SaaS tool, Buffer allows you to post to multiple social media accounts from a single Buffer account.

You can schedule posts, track content performance, and manage all your profiles in one place. Buffer has smart analytics that can determine which content is performing well and would recommend appropriate strategies to improve your content performance.

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