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Learning multiple programming language at the same time

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Hi there again, As you know, I'm new in the programming world. I'm learning php and javascript at the same time, solving tasks and etc. Isn't it bad? Then, another questions is, I'm having trouble when solving tasks such as functions, recursion and etc. Then, I'm wasting my 6-7 hours for one simple task so that attempting to solve this problem again and again. What is your opinion for that situation? Please, it is important... I'm looking forward your answers...

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I think that focusing your effort towards a particular goal is the way to go. If your goal is to build web applications, PHP and JavaScript go well together. You can learn PHP with a focus on "traditional" programming language features such as functions, variables, recursion, etc. to develop the back-end of the application. You can add some basic JavaScript to interact with the DOM but without taking a deep dive into the language. That would allow you to focus on PHP while getting comfortable with JavaScript and get you closer to being able to build full-stack web applications.

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