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Weekend read, Serverless, Docker, Kubernetes

softchris profile image Chris Noring ・1 min read

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The weekend is approaching. You should get some fresh air but if you are like me you likely want to brush up on some skills or learn something new for your next hobby project or for work.

Here are some tutorials I wrote:

  • Beginning with Kubernetes This covers the basics you need and answers what is Kubernetes, why you need it and how you can start playing with a cluster
  • Kubernetes, Pods, Nodes and Services In this second part, we will start to get deeper into Kubernetes and better explain what concepts such as Pods, Nodes and Services really are good for. Of course, we get to keep playing with our Cluster
  • 5 part Docker series Are you copy pasting Docker commands? Barely know what you are doing well here is a 5 part series that will explain everything from the beginning and get you quite profient afterward
  • Serverless series Feels like everyone around you is saying serverless and you want to know they whys and whats? Then this is for you


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