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Chris Noring
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What excites you the most in tech right now? Please discuss

Having been in the IT industry, as a developer, since 2005 it's easy to think that I would by now think software development and different frameworks should start to feel old and that I would look at other things.

Strangely enough, it doesn't. I'm actually more excited and keen on learning than ever. Let me explain what makes me excited and why and I would also love to hear what makes you excited and make you want to come to work in the morning or test something out in a hobby project

So here's my list:

  • DevOps, this is a huge area but WOW am I excited. I've been in the business long enough to remember the dark days of it taking 1-2 weeks to set your machine up. You coded and tested things on Dev and/or Staging and of course, something was different in Production. Or you handed over some zip files and scripts to Ops and you didn't hear from them again until 3-4 weeks later or worse, oh boy that context switch was painful to try to remember what you coded and how to fix it :) With containers and being able to scale your apps with things like Kubernetes it feels like most of the pain is gone and focus is where it should be - deliver software

  • Cloud, I have to admit, I wasn't always super pumped about it. In it's early days no one used it. Customers were suspicious and the Cloud Admin tools changed the appearance on almost a weekly basis. Now, however, everything has changed, large adaption, it has matured the things you can do with scaling, ML, Serverless, just amazing...

  • Javascript, and its ecosystem. Yes, a lot of people complain that some Javascript frameworks have less longevity than certain milk products ( it's funny cause it's true ). However, the rate of change, the language itself is evolving, the feeling of it being light-weight yet powerful. I love everything about it, the whole full stack.

  • Machine Learning. The things you can do today with Machine Learning that wasn't possible a few years ago, because of the Cloud and other things. Machine Learning is available even for Developers with Cognitive Services and even then I want more.. I never thought I would say this but I want to know everything, even the Math behind it.

This many years as a Developer, I feel like a kid in a candy store, so many things...

That's my story, tell me yours?

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buphmin profile image

Honestly, that its not so crazy xD.

Docker/containers has pretty much become the go to standard. Vue, react, and angular have mostly pushed out the rest. There are more things, but it is nice and quiet except the click clack of the keyboard as people sit down build things.

One thing I do see gaining popularity and for good reason, in my humble opinion, is strict typing. It will be interesting to see how languages continue to change in the future. Even some of the loosest languages (php, js[ts]) are gaining a lot of type safety features.

kyleljohnson profile image
Kyle Johnson

Right now I'm crazy about DevOps. You would think it's something that just came out. I know I'm very late to the party but getting my team aboard the devops train is a game changer.

The cloud doesn't really excite me. You are just moving to a machine on the internet. So what?

Now Docker/Containers I am interested in but here's the problem. It only works with new stuff. If there was a way you could put a .NET 1.1 app in a container, that would be awesome!

arturoaviles profile image
Arturo Avilés

Serverless Containers. As a developer who wants to create an application demo or follow a tutorial online and deploy it to the cloud, it is really cool to pack your app into a container and being able to have zero instances running if it isn't currently being used.

I don't know if all major cloud providers give you a free tier which renews every month as Google Cloud Run (Currently in Beta), but if they do, this allows junior developers to push code to the cloud without fear of having to pay for deploying a simple demo.

eavichay profile image
Avichay Eyal

Web Components may be the fall of web frameworks