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This week my primary focus has been on networking and connecting with people who have the time to talk and share their experiences.
Fortunately, I work as a Barista in Seattle so each and every day I meet new engineers who all have been more than generous to help with the job search.

A few key pointers that I've gained through Career Services and personal connections and experiences:

1.) Build connections with everyone, send messages, mingle, and constantly outreach. The more you know means more opportunity and knowledge of the career field and what to expect.
2.) Keep up with old and new connections. Emails, LinkedIn or even in person to have a constant flow of ideas and work relationships.
3.) Don't give up, people see your hard work and applaud your efforts. Always keep going.

With those tips in mind, I now spend each day being confident with my new career path, and again everyone I have met has been more than kind to share pointers and information for their respective companies. This field is daunting, but with the right network anything is possible.

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