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After graduating from Flatiron School of Seattle I have been flooded with dreams and motivation for my future career and what steps I need to get there.
Since graduating, I have spent the better part of my free time watching lectures on Python, C++, and Java, filling my notes with the differences in those languages and data structures. Programming is ever changing so keeping up and constantly practicing is incredibly important.
I recently had a mock technical interview and it did not go the way I had hoped. I had spent hours and hours on Leet Code practicing algorithms and expanding my critical thinking, however I made a big mistake not keeping up with the fundamentals. What should've been a simple method actually stumped me, and of course I led myself to that position.
My take away from that experience was to not focus on the tough parts, but to expand my education and continuously work to be the best developer that I can be. I have started from square one, reading over the couple thousand pages of notes that I have accumulated with my time at Flatiron as well as each assignment.
After a lot of hard work, a tough lesson learned, and countless hours of studying, I'm on the right track to be the developer I've dreamed of.

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