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Stanley Owen
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I Wrote A Lo-Fi Player, Loofi with Typescript

After working for a quite long period of time, I am glad to introduce Loofi, a Lo-Fi player which is aimed to create a chill atmosphere for developers while coding, students while studying, and more 🥳


  • Fluent UI
  • Open Source Project
  • Small App Size (~ 5mb)
  • Have a collection of 50+ Lo-Fi Music
  • Multiple themes
  • Available in Web and App (Currently Support for Windows Platform)


Loofi is an open source programs built using React, Typescript (for a more secure environment), CSS, and Firebase.



Happy coding! 🎉

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taneros profile image

hey, that's a wonderful idea to make the lofi player. although I listen do DnB at work mostly. need DnB player....ha

stanleyowen profile image
Stanley Owen

Hi :D Thankyouu for suggesting DnB! I'll try to add the feat as soon as possible :D Feel free to contribute too :)