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Todo Application - An Open Source and Easy to Use Web Application

Organizing Easier, Improve Your Productivity

Todo Application

Todo Application is an open source project distributed under MIT License which is easy to use and easy to organize!

Todo Application is built using MERN Stack:

  1. MongoDB
  2. Express JS
  3. React JS
  4. Node JS

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An open source project of Todo which is easy to use and easy to organize!

🚀 Otlio - A Powerful Todo List


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Otlio is an open source project of web app built with MERN Stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node JS).

If you find this project useful, leave a 🌟 to keep a beginner motivated. 😊


  1. Support for Google and GitHub OAuth 🚀 Login
  2. Support for 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) 🔑
  3. Support for Drag and Drop Feature ✊
  4. Heavy focus on security 🔐
  5. Customer Support 🙌
  6. Available in Dark Mode 🌓

Getting Started

  1. Download this code There are some several quick start options available
  2. Install All the Dependencies
    • Open your terminal
    • Change directory cd to both client and server folder
    • Type npm install in command line
  3. Create .env file in server directory: .env is used to store keys, secrets, and other sensitive informations which is not pushed to GitHub
    • …

GitHub Code:

If you like this project, be sure to drop a star on GitHub 🌟!

Happy coding! ❤️

Top comments (2)

robotcherries profile image

It's not working when I try to create and account.

stanleyowen profile image
Stanley Owen

Hii RobotCherries 👋🏻. May I ask do you run it on your local machine or through If there is an error message, can you display it?

If you run it locally, don't forget to read the guide here.
But if you run it through it may took a second to register as a new user (maybe internet connection).

Let me know if that does not get things working for you.