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Bouldering, especially indoor bouldering. It's easy to get into, it requires you to solve problems, you can pretty much do it for as long as you feel comfortable with and you automatically become healthier/more in shape. You can do it socially by talking to people in the gym, or you can decide to do it on your own without talking to anyone. It's the only sport I've been able to get into and stay excited about in the last 10 years. I absolutely love it.


Totally agree! I've been bouldering for six months and it's so much fun as it also activates your mind.


I came here to say exactly this. Bouldering is great full-body exercise, is not too terribly hard on your body (like running is), is not a big time commitment (like cycling), and is incredibly addicting.

I don't like to run or lift weights or things like that because its all so monotonous. Rock climbing is always a new challenge, gyms typically change their routes every few weeks so there are always new problems for you to work on, and it never feels like I'm just doing the same thing endlessly.

Plus, rock climbing is just cool 😎


Right? I love it so much. It's also a great sport to get nerdy about. Lots of free climbing live streams, bunch of fun YouTube channels with great content and there's always someone who wants to talk about climbing or setting or competing, etc.

I had this in mind when I opened this thread. @jess introduced me to this sport and it really fits the bill. I'm not quite sure why.

I still haven't gotten into the habit of doing it on my own but I really want to adopt it into my routine!

Well if either of you (or anyone reading this!) are ever in The Netherlands and want to do a bouldering session, ping me!

OOOH great to know! My best friend lives there and I'm trying to visit them yearly, in Utrecht :)

Awesome! There are a couple good gyms in/close to Utrecht!


+1 although I stopped it after some months due to a knee-injury (never jump down!) and don't want to risk it again. I feel misplaced around all those sporty people anyways. But it was really fun and I'd suggest to try it.


I second that, climbing, or bouldering in this case, is awesome.


I'm sold just by reading this thread of comments! Am I right to assume that it's quite easy enough for anyone to get started (i.e. even for those who aren't super fit physically)?


Yeah absolutely! There will absolutely be multiple boulder problems in your local gym that you'll be able to do, even if you've never done it and aren't in the best shape. I was completely out of shape when I started and I still had fun from the start. Most gyms around here also offer a beginner course if you're looking to get some help on improving with technique instead of strength.

Interesting, this sounds like a game changer for me in how I see going to the gym in future (like others in the thread, not a fan of lifting and workouts as they sound like chores)! Will have to investigate! πŸ”Ž

Oh man, I hated going to the actual gym to lift weights etc, but Bouldering is just fun. Feels like just playing around and at the same time getting stronger and better at something that's really fun to do.

Yeah, and I like the thought that it can be a social thing too. It's nice to talk to people that aren't doing the same thing as you sometimes!

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