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Vue Telemetry, a new tool to analyze and discover Vue websites

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A brand new developer tool was launched just some days ago: it is Vue Telemetry, a project composed by a browser extension and a database of known Vue websites.

The browser extension is available for both Chrome and Firefox, and when visiting a website made with Vue, it will report all known information about the used stack: in particular it lists details about Vue implementation and, if present, the Framework, UI Framework, Vue plugins, and Nuxt modules.

Vue Telemetry extension

The report of Vue Telemetry website itself.

The website is found at https://vuetelemetry.com, and its showcase lists websites detected and submitted by the browser extension. The sites are filterable by the same criteria detected by the extension.

Vue Telemetry website

The filterable showcase on Vue Telemetry website.

Vue Telemetry was made by Sébastien Chopin and the Nuxt team.

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Thank you for writing an article about it Stefano!


Thanks to you for the awesome tool!
And for Nuxt as well, by the way ;)