What would you expect from a productivity bot (for product/app development)?

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Hello! I'm bootstrapping Squadlytics, a platform to help measure and improve product development (kind of a NewRelic for teamwork). It's been 2 weeks now that it's officially GA (woohoo) and so far we've been more focused on providing insights (charts, metrics, work in progress...).

The next phase now would be adding a productivity bot that can interact with you and the team to help. We have a few ideas but I'd love to know what you would expect from a bot that could reach you via Slack or a mobile app to help you with what you're working on.

I'm also keen on having calls with anyone interested, it's sometimes hard to capture the context in a comment.

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Anything that becomes like an "FAQ" would be useful. Replace a common query for either data or answers from humans and turn it into something you can ask the bot for.


That's interesting, how would you qualify a content or object as FAQ?


In the squadlytics context it looks like visualizing trends could be a use case here. I might look up the same damn graphs 10 times a day forever because I want to keep up with them. Could be a good use case for a bot. If you can make it as abstract as a "question" then you can have things like:

"/squadbot show me today's traffic numbers"

But also

"/squadbot what's the latest update on the safari signup issue?"


I don't think this is easy but that's my ideal bot experience.

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