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How to Maximize Productivity Working From Home?

storrence88 profile image Steven Torrence ・1 min read

Hey, everyone!

With all of the recent events, my company has decided to offer optional work from home days next week. I think this is absolutely the the right thing to help flatten the curve and I'm fortunate to be able to work in a field that allows me to do this.

I have some experience working from home once in awhile but never consecutive days or even a whole week.

My question is what tips or advice do you have to maintain productivity when working from home? I would love to hear feedback from any developers that are used to working remotely!

Thanks in advance!


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codebarber • Edited

Keep a planner, this can be digital or pen and paper.
Review your previous day and move uncompleted items into today's planner.
Take breaks! It is important to get up regularly and walk around. This helps your mind relax and ready for the next task. I've found that taking regular breaks helps me complete tasks quicker.
If you have a home office, keep work in there and everything else out.

Finally, enjoy the fact you can work from home!

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Sagar • Edited

way to stay productive on work from home

  1. schedule your working hours
  2. avoid distraction/stay focused
  3. communicate proactively
  4. take a break
  5. maintain work and life balance
  6. choose a dedicated workspace


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Steven Torrence Author

Thanks for the tips!

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if you're doing WFH then you need to schedule your working hours because as usual programmer work never finishes and you can't work 24 hours in a day.

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Jesse Phillips

I'm not sure I have a tip for you. My office has gone full remote and I'm getting my office space configured to be effective as I have not been doing much computing at home so it has just been left in a usable state.

Do stay in contact with your team. I'm not use to talk over voice, it is hard to know when to switch from messaging to just being on a call.

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Louis Bayard

Try one of the best browser extensions which block distracting websites during work.

for example, the website blocker I'm using.

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Steven Torrence Author

Thanks! I’ll check it out.

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Take short walks for 15 mins after every 3 hours of working to refresh. Being cooped up in a room at home can 'coop' your mind up. I do this and it helps improve my productivity as I count on to finish some tasks before my next leisure stroll.

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Steven Torrence Author

Good idea! Thanks!