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Stefan Streichsbier
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Awesome Python Security πŸ•ΆπŸπŸ”

After the success of the Awesome PHP and Golang lists, it was time to put the spotlight on Python, which is the 3rd most widely used programming language according to GitHub. See

Check out the curated list of awesome-python-security resources here:

GitHub logo guardrailsio / awesome-python-security

Awesome Python Security resources πŸ•ΆπŸπŸ”

A curated list of awesome Python security related resources.


List inspired by the awesome list thing.

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Web Framework Hardening

  • - πŸ”’ is a lightweight package that adds optional security headers and cookie attributes for Python web frameworks.
  • Flask-HTTPAuth - Simple extension that provides Basic, Digest and Token HTTP authentication for Flask routes.
  • Flask Talisman - Talisman is a small Flask extension that handles setting HTTP headers that can help protect against a few common web application security issues.
  • Django Session CSRF - CSRF protection for Django without cookies.

Multi tools

  • hawkeye - Multi purpose security/vulnerability/risk scanning tool supporting Ruby, Node.js, Python, PHP and Java.
  • GuardRails - A GitHub App that gives you instant security feedback in your Pull Requests.
  • Hubble - Hubble is a modular, open-source security compliance framework.
  • Salus - Multi purpose security scanning tool supporting Ruby…

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments.

And, please leave a like (or ⭐ the repo) if you find it useful.

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Max Ong Zong Bao • Edited

There's hubblestack, I heard it in through "talk python to me" podcast which is quite cool.

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Stefan Streichsbier

Thanks for sharing, have added in this commit:

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Palash Bauri πŸ‘»

I would recommend to add this tag:


Interesting open source repos you've discovered and want to share with the community.
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Stefan Streichsbier

Thanks for that, revised the tags!

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Palash Bauri πŸ‘»

BTW, nice work... Hoping To See It Grow Fast❀