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stremovsky profile image Yuli ・1 min read

For years, I was doing software development. I used to work with different platforms and different languages. As a developer, I constantly open Google to search function' exact name and arguments, code examples or programming language tips. For example, "what is the better way to do foreach in c++". There are a hundred examples, why exactly I need to do the search.

Sometimes, I need to do copy & paste from VSCode and search in Google for a specific function name.

Today, I will share with you a small project I build in recent months.

It is a custom search engine build with Google, that has an index of developer websites only. It is available at

Some people will probably ask, why we need you if we have Google? I can answer that you will be more productive because you will not get unrelated search results for your search query.

In addition, I have build plugins for popular IDE - integrated development environments, like VSCode, Android Studio, IntelliJ, etc..

It is to save you a few seconds you waste on "copy & paste" from your IDE. Instead, with a right mouse click, you will be able to run the Codeseek search on the text selected.

All services are completely free. I removed the Google ads too, so, no ads.

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ttalgihon profile image

How safe is this?

stremovsky profile image
Yuli Author

I am using google custom search at the backend, so big brother is watching.
It is not an anonymous search.

ttalgihon profile image

Thanks for the quick reply, I'll check it out!