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Features of JavaScript - That You Should Know About

1. Style Console Log

Are you know that? you can style the console log by using JavaScript. To customize the console log you need to add CSS on it to get the console log. If you want to print the source code you need to add %c before the code and then add console.log() after it. But it requires CSS to variable to execute it. It's one of the best features of JavaScript 2021.

If you want to customize the variable in comparison to others you need to use %c and console.log() before it. And add CSS properties as you want in it.

Let's see the example
Alt Text

2. Use Shorthand Operators

ES6 has a shorthand to define operators in a short way. And this is an operator that no one can talk about simply because they don't know about it. This operator makes your work easy and fast. And it looks very clean and neet to read and understand. This is one of the useful features of JavaScript.

Let's see the example:
Alt Text

3. Elective Chaining

Chaining ?. is used to check properties before ?. if it's null or undefined then it returns undefined otherwise its returns the value.
Alt Text

4. Use Generator Function

This is a function that similar to common functions the only difference between them is Generator function stops the execution on a particular line when you want and continue when you want.

Alt Text

5. Use in Keyword

in keyword is used to check the properties are available in an object or not. After using this keyword you can get the true or false value its depend on the value that available in an object or not.
Alt Text

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Temani Afif

can you please remove the #showdev tag from your post? that tag is only used For showing off projects and launching products.

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Thanks for explanation.

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Luke Shiru

Worth mentioning that the styled console works on the browser, but not on Node (is not that useful either).

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Oh and also the alert thing. Use or any browser JavaScript runner and do: alert(“whatever the browser alert says”);

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Knowledge tag or learn might be good