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Can't Decide on a Backend

I'm trying to build an application that will have a web application and also mobile applications (iOS and Android) eventually.

I don't know anything about backends, and I've seen different nocode / low code backend solutions, as well as headless CMS.

Can someone explain the difference between some of these no code backend solutions e.g. BudiBase and headless CMS e.g. GraphCMS ?

Also, can I use any of these as a centralised database that will feed both the web and mobile, or should I just stick with something more traditional like Firebase?

It doesn't have to be the specific examples I gave, but there are so many options, I don't know what to pick.

I'm planning to build the web front end with WeWeb (, or possibly Bubble.


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CMS for large text heavy data, such as a newspaper or article publishing web application... Firebase et al for small, simple data to back a mobile app....hasura et al for slightly more power and structure... postgres + some graphql or rest server for full power, flexibility

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codewander • Edited

For last option, I would use rest server, probably Django rest framework, rails API, flask + sqlalchemy, or gin + gorm. I only have light experience with rails, haven't used the other two options.

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I would recommande Supabase