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This might be the most ambitious project I've ever taken on...

I don’t talk about it often, but I really enjoy teaching.

A few kind words on a video or article I’ve made will sit with me for long after the comment was posted. Here in Italy, I volunteer as an English teacher and it warms my heart whenever a student uses a new word they had been taught the previous week.

2020 was a tough year and, so far, 2021 appears to be no different. To try and add some positivity into the world, I wanted to figure out what I could do to help more people in 2021. More so, was there a way that I could help people learn to code beyond a simple YouTube video or article?

And with that, I am proud to introduce Stackademic. An initiative in conjunction with In Plain English.

Stackademic, an In Plain English initiative

The past decade has seen an influx of coding bootcamps. Some bootcamps cost more than the price of university. Coding bootcamps may provide a portal to the industry, billions of people are still priced out.

To counter this, the Stackademic initiative plans to teach the next generation of coders, for FREE. We will teach a curriculum — that is at least equivalent to those expensive bootcamps — to students via remote video classes.

We’ve already received over 50 applicants from all over the world, along with messages from companies interested in sponsoring the initiative.

This may be the most ambitious project I’ve ever taken on.

If you’re interested in getting involved, whether as a student, a teacher, a volunteer, or a contributor, get in touch with me over Twitter — you can reach me at

We would also really appreciate it if you could share details about this initiative with as many people as possible on Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Remember, this is not about ego, this is about helping people.

Let’s start changing some lives! ❤️

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Hi. I'm curious how you decide what will be in curriculum?