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Supabase: seven months of building.

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This is also available as a blog post.

Third-party logins

We've released OAuth logins! You can now enable third-party logins on your app for Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, or Google.

This is a picture of the supabase dashboard with OAuth logins

Clone tables

You can duplicate your tables, just like you would inside a spreadsheet.


Enable and disable extensions

Extensions are easier to use. You can enable Postgres extensions with the click of a button.


Save your favorite queries

The SQL editor now stores your query history in your browser. You can also save your favorite queries to run later!


GitHub Discussions

Supabase was given access to GitHub Discussions! This is the place for you to ask questions or show off what you've built with Supabase.

This is a screenshot of our GitHub Discussions, a new feature by GitHub


From the community


There's been plenty of drama during Hacktoberfest, but Supabase is committed to helping new contributors get started with open source. We've already seen a lot of issues closed by new members to our community and first-time contributors. If you're looking for ways to get involved, read our Hacktoberfest blog post, check our our live stream, and then dive into our project board.

This is an image of our hacktoberfest project board on GitHub.

Coming next

Our focus now is to move from Alpha to Beta and we'll be improving stability, reliability, and performance. We've create a Benchmarks repository, where we'll be measuring the performance of all the open source tools we use.

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The open source Firebase alternative. Supabase gives developers everything they need to build and scale their business so they can spend more time focusing on their users.


We're bringing all the functionality of Firebase to Postgres, including realtime database listeners and instant APIs.


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Is this a full firebase clone (ex. Firebase auth, analytics, crashalytics, push, etc) or just firestone?


Hey @easrng , at the moment we don't support everything that Firebase has - but we're working on it :)


Can you discuss what are the features of firebase you are working on next?

Right now we're 100% focused on moving to Beta, but next we are investigating how to do storage and functions. Let us know what you want us to work on - we rely on the community to help us prioritize

I havent played around with supabase yet but the functionality thats important for my use case would be to sort on multiple columns and filter on multiple columns using >,<, =, <> and array_in. Thats whats currently available in firebase. Are all this capabilities currently available?

that's great! Are there any comparisons of latency of various read and write operations compared to firebase do you know? or do you plan to make that available? Also, thinking about long term how scalable is this solution? I know firebase has been around for a while and has scaled well at high request rates with low latency. Cost can sometimes be huge depending on how you pull content. How does supabase compare? Is there any documentation around this?

One other question regarding subscription. I saw on your website that you're able to read events on a specific table as well as for specific operation such as INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE etc. What I did not see was an example of subscribing to a query results. Is there a way to subscribe to a results of a query such as "select * from customers where name='xxx' and age='xx' order by dateCreated" so that the client gets real time data of this resulset everytime without having to refresh? I know that you can do this in firebase but I didn't see a similar example on your site.

Thanks so much in advance! This will be super useful as the answers to this questions might just convince me to move from firebase to supabase :)

We're setting up benchmarks now github.com/supabase/benchmarks

read and write operations compared to firebase
Since it's just Postgres, it will be a lot faster

Cost can sometimes be huge depending on how you pull content. How does supabase compare? Is there any documentation around this?
At the moment we are free to use because we're in Alpha. We will likely be cheaper than Firebase at scale. They of course have a very generous free tier. We will have a free tier too, but we are still working out the details.

Is there a way to subscribe to a results of a query
No, unfortunately not (at least not yet). Something we're working on :)

Ah ok. Very helpful. Thanks so much Copple!
That very last point is HUGE for our use case. That's in fact why we're using firebase. I'll be keeping an eye on Supabase until that feature is available. :)


But, why we can only log in with GitHub?


The Supabase app is using Auth0 for logins. We will migrate soon to our own Auth solution :)


I'll start using this right now!


It looks amazing! Is it production ready now?)


Looks like it's in alpha, so probably not.


Thanks Ilya, glad you like it. As John mentions, we're in Alpha but quite stable. We will move into Beta in December