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E-Waste Client Platform

How it works

Step 1: Existing customers can log into the system using their emails and passwords and the new customers can quickly sign up using their email address.

Step 2: In the dashboard, you can see the points you've earned, and options to use the e-waste system. Click on the e-waste request.

Step 3: Then you have to fill the quick form about your e-waste item. Then click "Submit".

Step 4: You will see a pending request on your dashboard. Once a collector approves your request, You will see the contact details of the collector as well.

Redeem Points

The customers can redeem the points with one of our partners for their loyalty points or similar. This option is currently unavailable and we will implement this in the long run.

Share Points

Another significant feature of the e-waste system is you can share points among your friends. If you are not interested in any of out partner programs, you still can use e-waste and share your points with your friends!


If you have any concerns or suggestions for improvements, please let us know!

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Claro A Briones

Good idea on the logistics of e-waste! I feel e-waste in general is an untapped market and we all can learn to reuse devices before throwing them out.

Good luck!

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Suvin Nimnaka

Thank you! Yes actually the majority of the e-waste can be reused without recycling. Saves money and eco-friendly!