Second Year Group Project?

suvink profile image Suvin Nimnaka ・1 min read

Recently our university assigned us with group projects. It's a team project and each team has either 4 or 5 members. My team, we are looking to build something useful in day to day life.

We agreed to build a web based solution but It has to be done using HTML, CSS, Vanilla JS and Golang for backend. Can't use any Frameworks and no Firebase.

Anyone got suggestions?


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It's kinda hard to suggest something without knowing your proficiency, the scope of the project and how much time you want to put into it, but if you're looking for inspiration I'd suggest looking at lists of project ideas, like this one or that one.


Thanks! We are a team of 4 with two well experienced devs and two beginners. We have 6 months to design and another 6 months to develop and implement. The scope should be pretty wide.

Eg: If we are to choose a restaurent app, then it should include features like
Dine in orders
Delivery orders
Inventory management
Suppliers management
Financial statements generation
Feedback control
Salary management