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Swarnali Roy
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Regular Expression Part 1 : Introduction

Hello readers!
In this blog , I am going to write about JavaSript Regular Expressions, also commonly known as REGEX. This is the first part of this series.

Let's get introduced with Regular Expressions 📖

REGEX is an object that describes a certain pattern of characters which is used to perform pattern-matching , find, search and replace functions on text or strings. It is also very important when we want to validate emails, usernames or passwords.

Basic Syntax

The basic syntax of a regex is : /pattern/

A very simple example of searching a regex in a string is, you simply have to write your desired pattern inside the / /.

let testStr = "Search the word regex in this string";
let testRegEx = /regex/;
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In this introduction part, I want to leave it just to the basic syntax. In the next part, we will learn how to search a regex within a string.

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Masao Yoshida • Edited

I hope for your next blog.