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Sylwia Vargas
Sylwia Vargas

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Stay tuned: tech newsletters, slack groups and folks I follow and cherish dearly

I am oftentimes asked how I know about this or that event, opportunity or feature. I decided to compile a list of the resources that help me stay up to date.
Note: all entries are (were intended to be) sorted alphabetically.

Table of contents:



JS and React


Social justice, diversity in tech

  • Code It Forward: a tech ngo dealing with civic tech, posting info about jobs and awesome programs;
  • Code with Veni: monthly email with a list of articles that are mainly written by underrepresented techies
  • Diversify Tech: job posts, conference alerts, speaking scholarships, tech events;
  • Tech Ladies: jobs and workshops;
  • Women Who Code Newsletters: you need to become a member to have access to many WWC newsletters (I love them)

Slack Communities

Women and non-binary folks only:


Meetups (NYC):


JS. React:


For women and non-binary folks:


For Black devs:


Note: As a rule, I try to follow wholesome awesome humans. As far as I know, I do not follow folks who tweet racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, queerphobic, or otherwise discriminatory tweets. The list below features folks who represent diverse communities even though one may not be able to say so from just the handle. I attached some subjects they tweet about but it is never a comprehensive list.

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Annie Liao

Thanks for organizing all this, Sylwia! As a visual learner, I also subscribe to Maggie Appleton's newsletter ( She uses illustrations to explain key concepts from some of Egghead's courses.

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🦄N B🛡

It's good to see that the special needs of our Visual Learners out there are being properly accommodated.

I am indeed reading visually consuming What the Fork is Rust on

sylwiavargas profile image
Sylwia Vargas

It's funny that I didn't know about the newsletter because I follow Maggie Appleton on Twitter and enjoy her work so much!
If you're a visual learner, do you know Julia Evans' zines? I looooooove the way she breaks down complex stuff.

Thread Thread
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Annie Liao

Oh cool, I didn't know about Julia Evans. Checking it out as we speak :)

sylwiavargas profile image
Sylwia Vargas

Oh, I didn't know about it! I'll add it to the list right away! Thank you.

frontenddude profile image
Frontend Dude 👨‍💻

Great list of twitter accounts. Will make my way through them! Thanks

sylwiavargas profile image
Sylwia Vargas

Thank you! If you have any newsletters/podcasts/twitter folks you cherish, I'd love to check them out as well!