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Navin Mani for TakeShape

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The Top 10 JAMstack Community Resources

Here are the top 🔝 10 JAMstack resources from the community!

More than just a modern web development architecture 🏛 based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup, JAMstack is revolutionizing the way we think about workflow by providing a simpler developer experience, better performance, lower cost and greater scalability. 🤟

  1. A simple guide that will help you understand why it exists and how to get started. 🎬
  2. A directory of tools and services from the New Dynamic 🛠
  3. The New Dynamic Slack channel 🗣
  4. The subreddit for JAMstack developers 👾
  5. A talk about the powerful front end developer 🎤
  6. The hub for JAMstack conferences throughout the world 🌎
  7. A JAMstack guide, set of resources, and more 🤝
  8. A carefully curated list of awesome JAMstack tools 📝
  9. A radio show all about the JAMstack 📻
  10. A talk about the rise of the JAMstack from the person who coined the term 🎙

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sm0ke profile image

Hello & Thank you Navin for the list.

In case you are accepting suggestions from the audience, this JAMstack resource might help beginners to start faster:

JAMstack apps - 99% are free and open-source


vojtech_boril profile image
Vojtech Boril

Hi Navin, great summary - thanks for putting it together! In case you plan to update the post, we at Kentico Kontent just released our brand new State of Jamstack 2020 report based on the global survey among hundreds of developers. You will find out what static site generators are the most popular, what developers love and hate about Jamstack and so much more. Check it out at

joelvarty profile image
Joel Varty

Good list - old school folks like me still have to be convinced of the value of JAMStack and this helps. 👍

navinmoney profile image
Navin Mani

I'd be happy to point the old school folks in the direction of more great literature!

souljuse profile image
Irene Oppo

Check this list of JAMstack tools too!