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Tanvir Aunjum
Tanvir Aunjum

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Switching from Software Developer to Game Developer: good or bad?

Finally, after working 2+years as Software Developer my dream of being a Game Developer has come true.
From childhood i was always a fan of computer games. But as being from middle class family i couldn't afford any computer that time. My parents also didn't like kids to play games. When i got admission into the university my father gift me a small notebook pc. Which has so little configuration that i only can play miniclips games.
But after my graduation i started work for small companies and clients. And i managed some money to buy a average configuration vivobook. I always wanted to play "Ori and the blind forest". I started playing it in my vivobook.
As a computer science student and software engineer i was always obsessed with the game engine and it's architecture how they works. And started my research on different different game engines like unity, unreal, godot etc. I thought if i could become a game developer one day.
From university i used to do some graphics and animation works. Which are helping me now.
Learning new things is my hobby. Love to challenge myself. Hard and sophisticated problem solver. Game development is the most complex software engineering. Let's see how far i can go with my game development career.

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Usama Raudo

This could be a reall good switch in my view.

Because as you can see the trend of the world, it is going more towards gaming because new generations are loving games and new gamers are being highlighted every day.

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Tanvir Aunjum

Thank you. 😊

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I've been in the software engineering game for about 30 years. While in school, I was once at the crossroads of business software development and game development. A bit of sage advice that was given to me that I'll pass along.

Game programming is often feast and famine. Sometimes you can have a fickle clientele which can cause problems, sometimes you can lose your entire audience by missing a bug or not having a feature.
Business software development for applications or data processing can give you more of a stable income over your career.

That is not to say that mastering game development is a bad thing. I personally think that, based on what you want out of your career, that you go (or continue to go) down this path with your eyes open and understand what you're getting into.

My personal opinion is: Apply game theory to business software. Reward your clients with fast and robust software that is not only a joy to use but can reward your users for using your software/app.

Just an opinion. But I wish you success.