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An Index of Personal Websites

In a recent Hacker News thread developers shared their favourite personal websites ( Not only was the design of each domain amazing, but the content on many of the websites was deeply captivating as well. All of these websites were awesome because they all contained content and articles written by experts in their respective domains.

I found this list inspiring and decided to create a more official index of personal websites, where anybody can add a personal domain with a description so that their thoughts and ideas can be openly shared with others.

If you are interested you can check out the list or add to it at

I'm hoping over time this will grow to a really cool list of websites where people can find other content that interests them.

The current design is a very rough mvp that contains two tables and a submission form.

  • The top table has the host domain of the most recent newly submitted websites
  • The bottom table has the full url of new endpoints that were most recently submitted (used for new blog posts, etc...)

The index contains a few features to try to make the UX interesting:

  • No url can be submitted twice -- any url submitted a second time is ignored
  • New endpoints for a given domain can be submitted, but will only show in the updates table, and will never impact the top table if any endpoint on the domain was previously submitted. I hope this will not only a give visitors an opportunity to discover new domains, but also give an opportunity for repeat submitters who may want to submit new blog posts or website updates.

I think the best part about this website is that it is not greedy for traffic. i.e. It does not try to keep users, but instead points them outward to creators own websites. I hope this feature will keep the domain owners coming back to submit new updates as they create more content on their own websites.

I hope you enjoy!

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Ben Halpern

Neat, added mine!