10 Tips to become a better Software Developer

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On the journey of achieving your dreams in the software development field. Nothing is more fulfilling like achieving milestones i.e. solving a major bug after hours of doubting your abilities. Below are some of the thoughts and tips to help you in your journey.

1.Be able to read another developers code and understand. When you step into a new role you are more likely to continue a project that has been ongoing ,therefore you should be able to understand, fix bugs and improve the existing code.

2.Understanding the process and the people is the first step to writing epic code, building great systems and solving bugs quickly. Sit down with the user and understand their point of view if need be.

3.Do not hesitate to ask for clarifications.

4.Do not fear challenges-take them on, google, stack overflow, enquire from your product communities

6.There are a lot of resources ,utilize them-webinars, documentations, join communities.

7.Get your code reviewed. Contribute to open source. Being a great developer entails a lot of hard work, patience and sacrifice. Put in the effort.

8.Participate in online challenges, hackathons. It will help sharpen your skills.

9.Have a road map of what you want to learn in the long run. Write the somewhere and tackle them slowly.

10.Be involved in other stuff, not only tech i.e. charity. Helps you stay sane and open minded and understand how other people operate.

Lastly, help other upcoming developers. Share knowledge whenever you can.
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Thanks for your career advice, this is my first year as a professional experienced developer, I'm setting a roadmap for the skills that I want to learn before 2020, I just put Ngrx, GraphQl, and microservices, the second goal is to have a good reputation in StackOverflow and make a daily habit to answer other developers questions, for the contributions in open source I feel like a beginner all my contributions were to update or to improve readme file, I didn't' find any good project to start with or contribute for my level ...for the clarifications and ask other experienced developers it depends in the context that you are in your company, I just passed months without being with a Good tech-lead ,