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How to Be on Top of the Web Development Game in 2020


Nowadays, staying on top of the web development game means constant learning and adapting to the growing requirements of the market, as the technology moves forward and the customers grow more needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re invested in building web apps or mobile solutions, front end, back and, or full-stack developer, the changes are universal. Business industry, entertainment, banking, real estate, everyone is moving online, which propels the wheel of the digital industry progress. For all you who are looking for this year’s standard industry tools, we’ve prepared a list of topics you should investigate.

How to Be on Top of the Web Development Game in 2020

AI Still Growing Strong

Since its inception, the AI industry keeps on moving forward at an astonishing pace. We now see the implementation of AI in customer service as a standard industry requirement. AI-driven chatbots take over the market as a stable and cost-effective solution. Moreover, Siri and Cortana are getting smarter by the day, as they learn through iOS and Windows users’ experience.

Artificial intelligence is also a hot topic in the content writing industry. It’s not impossible to see your trusted essay writing service offering AI-written content in a close future, however, at this point machine learning is the brains behind every major proofreading and grammar checking apps.

JavaScript Rules

According to statistics, JavaScript is the most popular programing language, and it’s all due to the development of app development frameworks, based on JavaScript, that enables a wide use, extended customization, and effective development process. The most influential frameworks include Angular by Google, Facebook’s React, and Vue's open-source user-interface and app development framework. The rise of Single Page Applications is most certainly the outcome of the progress made in Angular and React JavaScript frameworks.

The same statistics source indicates Python’s growth trend which could easily surpass JavaScript on the “most wanted” list in a few years. It’s popular in more developed countries, which could mean that the rest of the world might follow the suit. There are some amazing online courses which could be of help in learning Python or improve your skillset with some other programming language. You can also search over the internet to learn about the top 50 python courses online.

Progressive Web Apps

Mobile users don’t want to waste their storage on apps they’re not going to use multiple times during the day. Therefore, it was necessary to come up with a solution to provide native-app usability in a browser environment. This is what Progressive Web Apps (PWA) offer to users, and it makes many business owners happy. It means no waste of funds on native app development and maintenance, whilst keeping most of their benefits.

Mobile Devices Overrun Desktop Platforms

The latest statistics show that mobile internet usage in 2019 is growing, with more than 4.4 billion internet users enjoying more than half of video streaming traffic using mobile devices. In the United States, more than 90 percent of the internet goes through phones, tablets, or some other portable gadget.

Such a vast usage of mobile technology, the growth of mobile app frameworks, and solutions dedicated or adapted for mobile use are a clear sign that any developer should focus full attention to this area of the industry, now and in the future.

Interactive Design

One of the most interesting developments this year is certainly the MOTION UI progress in user interface design. It made the development of dynamic user interface features seamless, allowing a high level of front end design without advanced knowledge of jQuery or even JavaScript at all. With such an open-source library that provides fast and versatile tools for the creation of animated content, it’s easy to see how the market will expand and create more requests for this type of user interface development.


Ten years ago, an alias by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto created a digital currency called Bitcoin which ushered the era of Blockchain technology. Nowadays, platforms like Ethereum and similar allow us to do more than mine Bitcoins, rather we can create blockchain contracts for real estate agencies, Random Number Generators to create provably fair games at blockchain casinos, and more. The possibilities of blockchain industry are just opening, and it’s of paramount importance to keep up with the trends.


To be the best or even stay afloat you should always seek new ways to improve your abilities. Acquisition of new knowledge, gaining new experience, adapting to shifts within the industry, these are all the steps you should repeat each day to move your career further. Web development is the force behind the progress of the entire world, because it supports communication, sharing of knowledge, research, and the flow of resources. It’s imperative that the best people are on top of the game.

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Hey! Love the article!

Was curious about the real estate contract idea under the blockchain section. Being so new to blockchain in general, I cant say I know how that might apply... Any further reading you can suggest in that direction?

Thanks for any advice you can give this newbie! :)

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PCs sales is growing, while that of mobile phone is in decline.

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Brilliant article!