What got you into dev?

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What made you get into your field? Was it a game you played? Maybe a show you watched on TV? Or some career payroll chart in highschool. For me it was a online game. Late 1990's early 2000's. The game was RuneScape. Back then it was super simple and the graphics couldn't get any more basic. I seen the way people reacted and the unlimited possibilities for growth in the game and with programming. Still to this day if I hit a road block or I get frustrated I log in and play for a few days. It always reminds me of what a simple and basic idea can become with enough work and a strong dedication.

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It's simple I wanted to build stuff with tech like Runescape plus to fix my computer that is infected by malware which gave tons of pop up advertisements.

But my elder brother didn't want me to be near it as I was unqualified to fix it.

Even till this day, he doesn't want me near our family's computer due to fear that my developer tools or games will break the computer.


I got into tech and coding as a necessity.

My background is in graphic design, but after graduating from college with my BFA, found it very difficult to find a job in that field. So, I learned to code in my spare time and on the job, since people seemed to ask for websites more than logos, etc.

I've worked as a developer since then.

I do wish I had the opportunity to incorporate more design work in my day-to-day.


For me it was a last minute decision, I was actually hoping I would end up in mechanical engineering but I didn't have the proper grades to let me in. I've always played around with PC's but never thought I would take it seriously. Later I received an SMS from my college that its the last day to apply for an IT certificate course in hardware and software. I got in and excelled at my course, more motivated than ever to learn new things and I have a great job in my field of study.



I've been reading posts here for 2 month, but wasn't registered. Finally, I did it because I wanted not only to read, but also to write here

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