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Getting better

Little secret I picked up over the years. If you want to learn something like a new programming language or a new piece of software. The best way is to use it, and I don't mean following a tutorial or just playing around. Make a web site or program. I wanted to learn c# so I jumped head first into unity and made a game. One big factor in doing this is publish your work. I started learning C# and Unity "Also Gimp and Blender"on March 15 2019. I published my game on March 28 2019. By having it out there for people to play and give feed back it pushed me and still is pushing me to do better and learn more. Plus I get instant feedback on my work.same with web dev. My intro to HTML and CSS was a website that went public as soon as I knew how to make it public. So if you want to learn something new just do it. The people in that field have all been there and they understand. I was so worried that people would troll my projects. After release I found that the people that checked them out had nothing but positive feedback. I might not make the next Facebook or Candy Crush but atleast I put stuff out for the world to see, and that's more than most people can say.

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Dillon Greek

Shameless self promoting plug.....