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techhead404 profile image Dillon Greek ・1 min read

I'm planning a project that will let people make list and share them with others. Think, to-do list that the family can view add and remove from. I want it on mobile and also a website. It will have to pull some data from a database. Push notification is also on the project plan. So my question is what should I start with? I want to stick to C# and .NET as much as I can't so I can focus on the project and not on new languages. ASP.Net Core Web App, Xamarin, UWP? I don't want to re-code for every device. This is WAY OUT of my comfort zone, but that's when I do my best, I also expect this to be a long project. More resume builder then anything. Just need to some help figuring out where to start.


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What about a PWA? You will code only once and could have a web app that can create a shortcut on your desktop or on your mobile device. So, you have to think of having a database in the cloud, let me suggest azure storage table as a nosql db or cosmos db, both in azure.