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Concepts to Know To Get A Job as a Django Developer

Database Design

You have to understand the Django models. Have the SQL concepts before learning this. You have to relate to the models and relationships they carry. Master how Boolean fields, integers, Charfield, foreign keys work. There must be a database for any dynamic website.

Authentication for Authorization

The more time you spend in this section, you’re going to learn more staff. Grants different access to clients, staff, and the admin. Please make sure each of them is directed to a specific page upon login. This is like a database administrator. You are the one who controls the whole system. Authentication involves signing in and logging in. Let each category of people have a specific role they play. Play around and see how the session works. Know how validation is important. Then expand to third-party libraries. As you grow, you’re going to understand how social authentication works.

Flow of data

Understand how data is fetched and posted on the templates. Django has more than enough queries. They kinda relate to the SQL, so you will have an edge if you understand the relationship between the two. Learn how to retrieve data. This is where you are going to be creating your views. It’s going to take a lot of time before you grasp the concepts.

Static and media file configuration

Understand the setup in local development and production. They are arranged differently. Locally, the media will be in the actual folder. In production, the files are stored on another server. This is where AWS comes in. Digital ocean spaces are also good. Understand the protocol. Know how they are pushed. White noise is a package that might aid in the production process.


I can’t lie. I wasted a certain startup for several days because the deployment process was hectic for me. Of course, I was a beginner. There are various ways you can deploy. You may decide to use Heroku CLI, GitHub, or putting your files in a container. It’s good to know how the Django server is done. By doing this, you are going to understand the architecture of Django. It’s good to work with a team that has already deployed the system. A startup can give you much experience.


The field has a large community that contributes to developing various packages. Do more research and learn daily. Use stack overflow to your maximum. Explore the free staff provided by the Django community. Google is alive and everything you want to learn is available.

Be uncomfortable and comfortable

It’s okay to feel uncomfortable at some point. It is normal to feel in your comfort zone. Sometimes programming is just hectic. A bug might make you feel like you want to be quiet. But that’s normal.

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