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Joseph Mania
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Why I seduced Django

I had the worst case in my first year as a programmer. Jumping in from AI, mobile, and web development within weeks. But I guess I had three days per week concentrating on Artificial intelligence. After realizing I was doing nothing, I re-started my schedule. I decided to focus on web development technologies before shifting back to my interests. Here is the reason why I preferred Django for my web applications:

Simple server language

Django has many built-in plugins like the form, admin platform, pagination and more. Furthermore, the authentication has been catered for. The only struggle you will experience is using the Python SQL command when extracting data. But when it comes to learning, the server language will take you less than 3 months if you have intermediary python skills.

Fast while dealing with large projects

This is true, maybe not. But the presence of many built-in libraries means you can use existing staff to implement your designs. Many clients won’t ask you about the backend or how I look. If you are the one going to manage the code, granting access to other staff members, then you can decide to use the available admin panel. As the project continues, you will need to build some pages for your team to avoid the clumsy Django administration. However, there is no offense in launching the project with the built-in admin.

Easy to integrate with Artificial Intelligence models

Of course, this is natural, the fact that most projects in AI or data science use python, then it becomes easier to integrate with Django. As AI gains popularity, there is no place where web technologies will lose track. It’s here to stay. People need their models on the internet, and the only way is through web technologies. The world at large needs you to iterate its models with a web platform to make the project accessible in all places.

Able to build full-stack site

Ok, this is simple, it’s not a must for us to know any other frontend technologies. HTML, CSS, and little JS are key, you’re good to go. I have built many sites with Django alone, and they look amazing. But don’t jump in before you become a hero in the basics of web technologies. It’s gonna look hard, but it is not. In general, having a basic understanding of everything will accelerate your training process.

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Jubril Olamide

Well said. Thanks for sharing

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Joseph Mania