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Tyler V. (he/him)
Tyler V. (he/him)

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Live Stream Incoming!

On Monday, August 10 from 7PM-9PM Eastern I'm going to be doing my first coding focused livestream on Twitch and would love if you came to hang out and ask me about my experiences with webdev or to talk about whatever random tangent we go on!

Goals for the Stream πŸ†

πŸ’š My primary goal for my channel is to teach others and spread my knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS/Vue
❓ Providing a place for people to ask questions about webdev
✨ Learn publicly - I'm not very good at sharing what I've been up to and want to get better at it! Yay self-improvement!
πŸŽ‰ Having Fun! I'm a bit of a goof irl and love to build silly things! (I also think fun things are the best educational tool)
πŸ• Meet some of the awesome developers out there!

Have a question/bug? πŸ›

If you have something you're stuck on or something you would like to see covered, feel free to drop a repo/codepen down below with what your error is and I might take a look at it on stream! πŸ‘‡

Can't make it to the live stream? ⌚

Don't worry! Afterwards I'll be uploading segments of it to YouTube (link coming soonβ„’)!

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Shannon Crabill

Nice! I am now following you on Twitch and I look forward to your live stream!

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Tyler V. (he/him)

Yay! I think it'll be a ton of fun! πŸ₯³

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I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for your assistance and the positive outcomes we were able to accomplish together thanks to your efforts.

Because of the quality of the writing on your blog, I won't give it a second thought before sharing it with anyone who has an interest in this subject or who need assistance with it.

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There has been a lot of discussion regarding this issue on the launchpad site for this app. What it boils down to is another app is locking the device or not sharing properly. To be fair, win32DiskImager doesn't try to detect other apps nor does it lock the device for exclusive use at this time.

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Great! I've just followed you on Twitch, and I'm excited to catch your live stream! doramasflix

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Now I follow Twitch and can't wait for your live stream!

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It will be a lot of fun too
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