Security Sprint: week 1 - My project and first studies

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I'm very interested in cybersecurity and I'm studying it on my own alongside computer engineering. In order to improve this research, I decided to organize an intense studying sprint in cybersec, and jumping into "semi professional" projects, using Zerodium and similar. Before presenting a formal vulnerability to these pages, I want to prepare myself. I'm used to work with Network System Monitoring and similar, but I want to reach a wider action zone.

This week I started looking for resources, books, pages and inspiration. I read a couple of books, but they seemed quite for begginners (as they firstly speak about programming in C and such, or not adecuate for my projects as they use Windows, which I totally discarted. Also I'd like to avoid Kali (it's a nice tool but I rather make my own curated apps list for debian) that fits with my goals. For now my tools are basic privacy tools (such as TOR, GPG, openssl and similar), Bro for network monitoring, Metasploit, ghex, and linux basics, also I'm into investigating DEFT, Lorg, LiME, Cuckoo (and Malwr) ...

Through next weeks I'll be publishing my investigation and tutorials about these tools. I'm very excited with this project and I hope you guys enjoy it too. I will also create a repository if needed with scripts and code.

Wish me luck!

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