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Terry Threatt
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Why You Should Be Using React

One of the most important decisions in web development is to choose the right tool for the right job. I have been using the ReactJS library for a while and I will give you some reasons to pull it out of the toolbox for your next job.

You Don't Have Much Time

ReactJS lets you build lightning-fast apps by allowing you to build reusable components that you can place all over your project. The library is architected to be really simple to pick up and start repurposing your user interface view logic in very little time.

You Are Looking For A Performance Boost

ReactJS will allow for a great boost in your apps. The Virtual DOM and Diffing algorithm help for the most efficient rendering off components during a process called Reconciliation. Separate trees of React elements will be compared and only changed elements will be rerendered in the proper components.

You Want To Go Cross-Platform

Mobile App
The ReactJS library allows you to develop mobile apps on both IOS and Android. You can repurpose up to approximately 85% of your React knowledge to learn the React Native library to build a cross-platform application. In many cases, you may also be able to use much of your ReactJS codebase for your React Native mobile app.

You Want to Join A Great Community & Vast Ecosystem

The ReactJS community is great and is filled with inspiring developers willing to help you take your React understanding to new levels. The ecosystem has many cool component libraries to include in your projects to speed up development in style.

You Need A Well - Maintained Tool

The ReactJS library is maintained by Facebook and offers really useful documentation and resources to learn React. The team also releases pretty regular improvements to the library along with helpful blogs to take advantage of any new features.

So now you have more than a few great reasons to use ReactJS in your next project. If you enjoyed this post feel free to leave a comment about your next ReactJS project.

Happy Coding,
Terry Threatt

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ItsThatHexagonGuy • Edited

Why you should be using React? Your app has exceeded the bare-minimum complexity to use a library to abstract view-management. You can write good, well-maintained, and easy to read code by using design patterns. The more design patterns you know, the faster you get there. React itself has its own design patterns too. You would be able to leverage these design patterns if you have a firm grasp of design patterns.

If cross-platform is the only concern then developing, a PWA is faster than building a native app. The performance boost you would receive by using a VDOM instead of DOM manipulations is insignificant if your codebase doesn't really take advantage of reconciliation.

Not trying to butcher your post, but sometimes you don't need React even for the reasons that you mentioned.

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Terry Threatt

Great points and that’s the crux of being a good developer. Knowing when to pull out the right tools.

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also, it makes my code look nicer and more readable than a bunch of $(".this").doThat().toggleThat(); or lots of document.getElement... it makes things a bit more readable like you can make a comment with.

return <DOMPurify>
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Terry Threatt

Yeah we love a cleaner codebase!

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Michael Parkadze

Totally agree, even though react has its downsides, it is a great tool to have under your expertises especially if you are a beginner developer. I would also recommend learning how react works and not only learn how to use it. Also as SSR is one of reacts downsides I would also recommend learning Next.js as the learning curve is quite friendly for react devs. Great article btw ;)

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Terry Threatt

Thanks and I am planning on venturing into Next.js soon.