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Ibrahim Shahid Memon
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Make Your Websites 10x faster with Modern Technologies - SSGs and Many More

Static site are much cheaper and faster option than any other dynamically available websites or wordpress. What is static site? Static site means making website with static site generator. This are many static site generator to this work. 1000s of static site generator are available but not every static site generator is perfect.

I got an order one project with any to make a blog but it needs to be static. I chooses Hugo for making this project. I was learning Hugo. After learning I started working an a project. I was not understanding file logic. I cannot learn gatsby or gridsome because I don't know any JS framework yet. I tried more

I was confused and there docs were crap.
There are some of the SSGs I tried:
-Jekyll (Github)-
-Nikola (python)-
-Jigsaw (Php)-

Then I get used to 11ty it is such as beautifull static site generator and I am much comfortable with JS. So I deliver to my customer a static site running 11ty on it.

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