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Learn Git and Github in just 1 article

Github is the best thing in over web development for me. There are so many other Git hosting available like BitBucket and Gitlab. Github saves your record.

Q what is the difference between git and GitHub?


  • It is the vcs(version control system).
  • It records all your change as a image.
  • You can revert back if you want.


  • It is the hosting service of git repository.
  • It is the online website to share your code with others.
  • You can contribute to other project.

Two people can connect and share their code with github.Github is giving webpage host and domain for free of cost.Github is a very easy to learn.You can just learn the basics of github by reading the next part of my article.You used command prompt before

Search make you account to make new repository address like their git remote origin.It will connect your local repository to online repository.Git have many commands.But there are six basic commands.

  • git init
  • git help
  • git add .
  • git commit-m""
  • git push-u origin master
  • git pull

git init
It is the starting point of any git project.It will make a empty hidden . got folder in your local repository.

Q What is difference local and online repository?

Online repository lives on github but local repository is the image of your online reputation on your computer repository == folder.

git add .
You can selected all files to online repository. "." means to select all the files.

git commit-m""
You can add your message to this command.

git push-u origin master
Push your all files selected files to online reputation.

git pull
You can pull your online repository to update all the files in local repository to latest version.

git help
If you want to help git comment you can use git help command.

I am kind a active twitter github

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dbarwikowski profile image
Daniel Barwikowski • Edited

You are mixing Git and Github...
Those above are git commands, not github.

It's like a wrench (git) and a shelf where you keep wrenches(github).
Thanks to wrench you can do some things.
Does a shelf can do the same things?

Also, you are tied to github as a only site which hosts repositories.
There is much more than that like bitbucket or gitlab