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Why You Should Do #100DaysOfCode

If you're on Twitter, you've probably seen the hashtag #100DaysOfCode floating around. I'm here to encourage you to participate.

When I first joined twitter in March 2019 (yes, I was that late to the game), I thought it was mainly used to stalk celebrities and fight about politics. I knew exactly zero people in tech and really had no idea where to start. I stumbled upon some tweets with #100DaysOfCode thrown in and saw that it was tech people, mostly code newbies, sharing their struggles and triumphs. In an attempt to connect with the tech community and not feel so alone in my journey, I decided to join in.

If you aren't familiar with this hashtag, here's how it works.

  1. Write a tweet about something you're working on today that's code related.
  2. Add the hashtag #100DaysOfCode at the end, along with which day you're on (Day 24 #100DaysOfCode).
  3. Repeat (100 times, to be exact).

That's pretty much it.

There are some official rules about how to participate in this challenge and whether or not you're allowed to take days off, but I am here to tell you the official rules don't matter. I took breaks during my 100 days, some electively because I just needed a break, some mandated by being out of the country without a laptop. I left for Ecuador on Day 45, was gone for a week, and when I came back I picked back up at Day 46. Guess who noticed and called me out? Exactly no one. The point is to track your progress and connect with the community, so don't worry about the details.

So why am I trying to convince you to use a hashtag? If you are new to tech or Twitter (or both), hashtags will help people find you. You'll suddenly find yourself getting encouraging replies from strangers, or even tips on how to fix the bug you're working on.

Check out this tweet I posted simply asking for help because I was on the React struggle bus:
tweet analytics screengrab
I had about 250 followers at the time, but this tweet, a tweet ASKING FOR HELP, got me over 500 people looking at my profile (where I had my portfolio site posted in my bio - hello job opportunities), and 47 people replying to help out! Not only did this make me feel way less alone in my struggles, but I came out of it with great resources and connections to up my React game.

I learned so much in my #100DaysOfCode from other people as well, finding new tools for debugging, great new VSCode plugins, and hearing about how others landed their first tech job. Without having used this hashtag (along with #CodeNewbie and #WomenWhoCode as two of my other favorites), I would not have found some Twitter friends that have become real friends, and I wouldn't have found half of the resources I use on a daily basis, both of which likely contributed to getting my first job. It's also just downright inspiring to see someone do some amazing project and end it with "Day 86 #100DaysOfCode" and think to yourself, will I be that awesome at Day 86?! And then BOOM you totally are.

So if you're going the self-taught route or participating in a bootcamp, try it out. Just don't go overboard and hashtag 20 other things along with it. #dontbethatperson

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kylerconway profile image
Kyle R. Conway

I'd actually been wondering about whether or not 100 days of code was a helpful thing to do. Admittedly, I was a little bit intimidated to even start because I'm relatively certain I won't be able to commit 100 uninterrupted days in a row to the task. Thanks for writing this and freeing my mind from the hard and fast rules. I may now (formally) begin my 100 days!

thecaitcode profile image
Caitlyn Greffly

Awesome!! Excited for ya!

theunisv profile image


Ended my Monday feeling super inspired after reading your post!
Good luck with your #100daysofcoding, I'm planning to start one myself with the whole #hacktoberfest in the air, and the dev community buzzing with so much motivation at the moment.
Happy coding!

nataliecodes profile image
natalie stroud

Great article! I feel like I win World's Worst Participant for this challenge haha. I started my challenge in March and I'm still finishing (oops) but I'm on Day 96.

thecaitcode profile image
Caitlyn Greffly

That's the thing tho, I don't think that matters. You can still look back and see your progress and you've still done so much! So close to 100 too!!