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Edpresso creator spotlight: Cynthia Peters

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Cynthia Peters is an information technology intern at Relevant Systems who has been in the tech field for six years. Peters initially began coding in 2013 out of boredom and because she needed to pass her first-year exams. Although Peters never really liked computers in high school, she grew fond of them through her classes. At the time, she was only working with Q-basic, but the feeling of being able to create something blew her mind. Ever since then, Peters and her computer have been inseparable.

Peters is currently exploring different career paths in tech. She says, "I've dabbled in random career paths in tech, from social media manager to digital marketer, to blogger, to web development, and now to mobile app development. I just enjoy the tech space, there's a lot to explore."

When asked why she enjoys being active in the online dev community, Peters said, "I love that I can write and people to get read and understand or learn from my experiences. It's so heartwarming to get reviews. The​ online dev community is so beautiful, it makes me cry!"

Check out Cynthia's shots on Edpresso (1,2,3,4) or find her on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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Dillion Megida

She's awesome and an inspiration to many 💛