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Anthony Eli Agbenu
Anthony Eli Agbenu

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Programming is dedication

Pumping Iron


I want to keep this post as short as humanly possible and just get to the heart of the matter.

I realize compared to some people I know I have had relatively short life span for a programmer. Yet still these are some truths I have come to learn about being a programmer. I feel that being committed is a bit like the image above or sports players. They have to be really committed to achieve their dreams, and maintain success levels

Being committed is in 2 parts; it's first the profession and then the person himself.

First let's cover the profession.

Programming is confidence:

If you think you cannot solve a problem or write an application, you are bound to disappoint your client before you have even begun. The client is not blind, he is bound to see that you do not know what you are about and he will lose confidence in you soon enough.

Programming is repetition:

Like all things in life if you do it often enough, it will become second nature.

Programming is dedication:

Programmers are not geniuses. They are normal people who must come up with intuitive ways to meet a need. They just do it on a daily basis. And they are determined to see the predicament to its most logical end. Watch the 1995 movie Apollo 13 and you will understand what I mean.

Now, let's cover the people

Programmers are workaholics:

I have not met a coder who was not a perfectionist. If you are lazy and want a quick fix to a solution, you are in the wrong field.

Programmers attempt the impossible:

When of the reasons I personally love programming is that it is never routine. Every problem seems to bring with it a higher complexity or difficulty than one you have done before. After all, who does not want to be a David slaying a Goliath?

These are the few truths I have learnt. Do you have any to share?

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daveoncode profile image
Davide Zanotti

"I have not met a coder who was not a perfectionist. If you are lazy and want a quick fix to a solution, you are in the wrong field."

Unfortunately, during my 13+ years career, I worked with a lot of people that were all but perfectionists (or truly passionate about programming).
I appreciate your enthusiasm and your attitude, since I'm a passionate programmer too, but the real world is different and sometimes (or often) you have to do quick fixes and write or dealing with shitty code for several factors that are not in your control :P

roh777 profile image
Rohit Yadav

I was waiting for someone to confirm this. As, I too feel this way.

jefferydalton profile image
Jeff Dalton

Nice post Anthony. Keep the optimism & hard work and you will find success.