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idle thought on my declining participation in dev communities

It’s been a good long time since I’ve posted here, attended a meet up (digital or otherwise), or engaged on dev Twitter. I was wondering why that is, and I realized that this is the happiest I’ve ever been in my job, and when that happens, my urge to do side projects and write about software dries up a bit. Not sure I have a grand thesis here. It’s great to have a job that’s fulfilling and allows work life balance in a way that I’m unused to. However, my lack of drive makes me a little sad because in the past I’ve gotten a lot of value out of my interactions with the community.

Has anyone else experienced something similar? How does having a comfortable job versus an overly stressful job impact your community involvement, home life, or other behaviors? If you’re now primarily work from home and weren’t before, how does that impact where you spend your time? I’m eager to hear other perspectives.

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Ben Sinclair

Has anyone else experienced something similar?

Oh, definitely. I still like these communities, but my comfort level has gone up a lot since working from home.

I'm also aware (worried?) that as with most developer communities, the content has gone from a bit of everything to the extremes of clickbait/regurgitated listicles on one end to meta conversations about how we can improve the clickbait/regurgitated listicles on the other. It's not as interesting to drop in and read a few posts from my feed any more.

Now that connect is being retired, I'm kind of hoping we settle on an external but at least semi-official chat service like IRC to fill the gap.