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Any Questions About NestJS? Let's discuss them here:-)

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Ergashev Ulug`bek • Edited

what do you think will deno + nestjs be better than node + nestjs after 1-3 years or not?

what do you think about future of nest.js
as it doesn't have 'father' like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and so on.
I think that if big companies doesn't support any technology it won't live long.

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Jaskirat Grewal

First, we will have to see what Deno brings to the plate when the first production and deployment friendly version will be released. And when Deno will be released many modules of NEST will need to be re-written to apply the features like "importing from URL" etc.
The answer to "as it doesn't have 'father' like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and so on.
I think that if big companies don't support any technology it won't live long" is that we can take Vue.js as an example. This library is not backed by any large company and still, it is emerging ahead of Angular.

The biggest supporters are us, the developers, who are part of this community. As I see it, NEST js is going to last for a long time.
Thanks ;)

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Vue.js is kinda back by Alibaba, which is almost the same size of Amazon in China.

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im very new to nest and just started learning it a few days ago..

is it worth it to use/switch to nest?

with express, i can easily create functions or controllers, etc

but with nest,
even i like the DI concept,
i found it takes lot more effort to develop a module

and how the hell do i design a good module LOL

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Jaskirat Grewal

Hi @coolman1011
Answer to your First Question: Yes it is definitely worth it. Like you, I also preferred express and used it on a large scale project. Later on, things got built upon another thing and in the end, no matter how good I did the abstraction, there was chaos. I then shifted to NEST and it gave me a perfect MVC architecture.

Now to design a good module you should make sure that every module contains either a controller or a service and not both. For example if you are using a mysql db then you should create a DBModule containing DBService and then later call it in the modules containing the controllers using providers property.
Follow the DRY and SOLID principles and make the best out of the architecture.

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How should i deploy my nest js backend application on aws lightsail using pm2 npm any ideas?