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Jaskirat Grewal
Jaskirat Grewal

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If you could design a Software Engineering Course, what will it look like?

How you doin!

I am a full-stack(MEVN) developer. I have built web apps as part of my personal development. My first project in NodeJS was a path-defining one.

I am graduating in CS with a specialization in Software Development which does not offers any course on what I actually want to learn.

Being honest here, I have found many faults in the course design. I have learned more from my own projects, StackOverflow, this community, Documentations, etc. than I could ever learn from my college which I believe most of you peeps from this community will understand.

The traditional system really needs redefining (coz it sucks! right?).

From your journey as a software developer, how would you design a course that you think will help newcomers to our community in a really efficient way?

Let's discuss our opinions in the comments section and make it a collective conscience for others to tap into.

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Sukrut Patil

Ok... I agree to 2 of your points. first, that we learned more from our own projects then college and the second, traditional system sucks... And answering to your question I would say, it is impossible to design a perfect course considering a single programming language. No course should have restrictions for the language. The projects must be short but should have lot of different components to work on. So that students can find their interest as well as learn about different domains.

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Well from my point of view, if we are going to design a course then we must have to consider every student's interest. For instance, some have designing skills, some of them have problem solving skills. To be more specific, we have to design a course in such a way that they can discover their interests and based on it choose their career profile. It must include projects based on their interest so that they can get some hands on their interest.

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