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Anton Korzunov
Anton Korzunov

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Me, a year in review

"Me" - 37 yo Senior JavaScript Developer in Atlassian, father of 3 boys and one Maine-Coon cat, plus active Open Source contributor.

Sometimes it's good to take a look back, and recall what you have done. Today I would try to remember all the things I've created past year, almost like I just did for my performance review at the work, but related to open source this time. Only about the stuff you might be interested in.

Why today? Well, it's my birthday!

  • period: 9 August 2018 -> 9 August 2019
  • 26 articles, 4 are not technical - an article every two weeks
  • 1618 commits - 4 commits per day!
  • 92 PRs and 124 issues created
  • ~20 new projects, 161 total

August 80 commits in 19 repos

πŸ“– Articles

Article introducing partial hydration and progressive code splitting - react-imported-component and react-prerendered-component I've created a bit before.

Case study for react-remock and it's usage with shallow/mount testing. An easy way to handle render props and sugar.

My first πŸ“· blog post - one day of my life in beautiful Australia :)

My testament for Redux. You probably need it.

September 112 commits to 24 repos

  • jumped into React/Redux/Context optimisations. Take aways are with-known-usage - a simple object keys usage tracker and react-event-horizon - just a declarative event suspender.
  • published plimited - a small promised based connection pool I've created to control Puppeteer for our needs. Haven't seen anything more usable since then. > "Connection Pool quiz" was a common question in our technical interviews. A saw a few dozen times how interviewees were trying to implement it in 10 minutes, and spent a few days to do the same.

πŸ“– Articles

What is immutability and why do you need it?

October 115 commits to 27 repos

  • created runtime-compress-loader to remove burden of babel(or ts) helpers inlined into the every file. Result is a smaller bundle size, and hotter (faster) code!
  • created jsx-compress-loader to replace all calls to React.createElement by $JSX$. Result is a smaller bundle size and a bit better runtime performance.
  • created react-shallow-context shallow React.Context, which is a good solution to a few common Context related problems
  • also created a very useful react-event-injector to passive (or aggressive) events. And never used since then.
  • extracted aria-hidden code from reach-ui/smooth-ui to... aria-hidden.
  • opened React RFC about controlled type comparison. All hot-reloading today is working literally on that principle.

πŸ“– Articles

A "mocking" way to do your SSR better. Or just possible. Everything I know about dependency, and module management.

November 141 commit in 18 repos

  • no new projects :)

πŸ“– Articles

Using rewiremock and react-remock to control your storybook. Because you can, not because you should.

December 106 commits in 20 repos

  • and no new projects again

  • πŸ™€ JOINED DEV TO πŸ™€

πŸ“– Articles

React-Hot-Loader 4.6 was a big step forward(as I thought these days).

Testing Finite React Components. My main approach for designing since then.

January 102 commits in 20 repos

February 83 commits in 11 repos

  • created devolution - a babel for your bundle. A super easy (and very fast) way to ship modern and legacy bundles, as well as use es6 in node_modules.
  • created used-styles, a tool to extract, well, used styled during SSR process. One more issue to solve and it would be awesome!

March 107 commits in 24 repos

πŸ“– Articles

Mocking is a powerful pattern, here is why:

Overview of all client side and server-side code splitting solutions.

CSS properly ordering could be hard, and there is a simple way, or let's call it a pattern, to fix it.

April 86 commits in 16 repos

  • tried to created useReselect - a kashe powered version of reselect.
  • with help of my friend Dai-Shi made proxyequal O(logn) times faster.

πŸ“– Articles

Super fast synchronous client/server side cache for React components.

Modern memoization is a hard thing. A big case study about it.

Object key usage based memoization (like MobX) testimonial.

Why sinon and proxyquire are bad, and why rewiremock is slightly better.

May 103 commits in 20 repos

πŸ“– Articles

The SideCar (Batman/Robin as I called it) code splitting pattern

Using react-remock to make snapshot testing more bearable

A single example how browser-driven "html state" could replace js-driven "component state".

June 153 commits in 17 repos

πŸ“– Articles

createRef, useRef, too many refs, and all are different. useCallbackRef this time.

πŸ“· Report from React Sydney

πŸ“· Report from SydJS

July 115 commits in 17 repos

  • no new (interesting) projects

πŸ“– Articles

A never-ending​ article about fighting complexity we created for ourselves.

There are no such things as unit and integration tests. It requirement and implementation tests.

πŸ“· Report from React Sydney


  • 🍺

πŸ“· Report from React Sydney

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Jason C. McDonald

Hey, would you be willing to help pioneer a new tag, Anton? There's a lot of awesome posts like this, but they don't exactly relate to #opensource, so the various tag mods have been discussing the idea of a #devjournal tag. Would you be willing to add devjournal to this post's tags, to start that off? That would be awesome.

lineldcosta profile image

I have a question? how much time you invest everyday for coding? Its surprise to see 4 commits per day. I think its difficult to see people like you :-) great!!! keep the good work going!

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Anton Korzunov

Well... 8 hours at work, 2 hours during the commute, at least one hour at home.