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Matthew Francis
Matthew Francis

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What can I contribute to for Hacktoberfest as a beginner? πŸ‘ΆπŸ½πŸ’»πŸŽƒ

I've been learning web dev using online resources like freeCodeCamp and Codecademy and I started studying it at college a few weeks ago. Been wanting to get involved in Hacktoberfest but I'm not sure where to start as a relative beginner. I know HTML, CSS and some basic Javascript so far. What sort of stuff should I be looking for on GitHub?

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Russ Hammett and (i'm sure there are more) are made specifically for finding issues that the maintainers deem "easy" or "need help on". could be some place to start! you can also filter on language.

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Ben Halpern • Edited on

If you want to help out a bit, feel free to seek out some language/framework sites that could use a DEV link and add them to the relevant pages.

Similar to these PRs:

Thanks to you or anyone else who wants to do some of this! πŸ™

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Edwin Torres

Find an active project with recent commits. Start by contributing to documentation (e.g., fixing typos). That will help you learn the process. Then move onto updating the actual code. Even there, you'll have opportunities to easy, challenging, and difficult code changes.

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Gokcan Degirmenci

react-shimmer also has a beginner-friendly codebase and welcomes new PRs!

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Monica Powell • Edited on

My project Flask Weather App is looking for contributors of all levels. Currently, this is a Flask (Python) application that auto-detects local weather based off of user’s external IP address.

We have issues that span adding emojis, more hands-on design, adding copy, setting up logic and more!

I'd also recommend the links that others shared for finding issues. I'm sure your skills especially CSS could be very valuable for the right project, I'd recommend, in general, looking for issues that involve CSS and cleaning up documentation which often could use more TLC.

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Matthew Francis Author

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Seven pull requests in so far, that's how I spend my Friday nightπŸ’ͺ🏼

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Robson Porto

You can take a look at my first lib if you know some Redux: Reshort

It's a way to write less in our action creators!

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John Forstmeier

I kept it simple and opened a PR to add the FontAwesome icon to my personal website Hugo theme.

shenoybr / hugo-goa

Simple Minimalistic Theme for Hugo


Goa is a clean, simple and minimalist theme for blogs and personal websites.

GitHub license GitHub stars GitHub forks quality badge Twitter


You can find the demo site in action here and the source here.


From the root of your blog:

mkdir -p themes
cd themes
git clone

Content creation

Creating a post

To create a new page or post:

hugo new


hugo new posts/

You can now go ahead an edit the newly created file under the content directory. Once you are finished editing, to have hugo generate the page, set draft = false in the articles front matter.

Organizing pages

The above example demonstrates how to create a pages and posts. Hugo automatically applies the list templates for a directory of pages/posts, which works well for blogs and posts. However, you may want at times want to override this behavior and create a standalone page (like an about page or…