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Introducing CodeThat.today 🙌🍾

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I would like to introduce CodeThat.today, a site that hosts, a variety of coding and developer tutorials, articles and series that consists of more than one related content. I have been working on this project for a while as I always wanted to have my own tech space where I can share my articles. I'm super excited about that. Allow me to explain why I did it and how.

Why I built the site

I started authoring articles on Medium about 2 years ago, mainly with Codeburst.io. In the beginning it was OK, as I had some successes with the SOLID Principles series. However, I did't like that model that Medium offered. You don't really have control of anything. It's a cauldron of articles that get mixed up in a soup.

In addition, I started writing articles with Fixate and PhraseApp and have them listed in various places around the Web. At some point I wanted to consolidate them in one place, so I can reference them better. Incidentally, I forgot to mention I authored a Video Course in Go also.

So migrating them in one platform so I can promote my content I think it's the best choice.

Cool, What do you plan to write?

I have a trunk-load of topics that I want to write, but I wanted to create this site first and then start writing content. Also, I will be crossposting it here on dev.to for reference.

How did you build it?

I used Hugo and for a good reason. It's more straightforward to convert a HTML theme (jQuery etc.) from plain files to Hugo templates than using Gatsby. I started with Gatsby but I couldn't barely make jQuery work. I squandered so much time with this I thought it was not worth it. I wanted convention over configuration. Sorry Gatsby...

About the platform

The site is located at codethat.today. I have the whole site hosted on Github however it's a little bit rough right now. I would need to write a readme and polish it up a little bit. But if you want to use it for your own means, feel free.

Do you accept new authors?

Yes. Needless to say. I need adding a new page for authors on-boarding, but in the meantime if you want to contribute send me a message here.

I would also like reimbursing authors with monetary or swag items whenever I can. It's because I believe that producing quality content takes time and time is limited - we only have one life don't we? The site can accept ads from sponsors so that they can help fund new authors content.

So what are you waiting for?

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Will there be android tutorials?


I'm not very experienced with Android but if you would like to write one let me know.


i am not super advanced with android but i would love to do tutorials for beginners. the android app i am working on is here

Sure. What I would like to see is an article describing your experiences building this project. Also it would be cool if you discuss the architectural decisions. How's that sound?

that sounds good. how would I put the tutorials up? i am kinda (really) busy so it would be nice to be able to just put them up when i get a chance

You can do a PR against this repo. Just create an index.mdinside codethat/content/tutorial/<your-article-title>/ and use plain markdown. I will add the necessary shortcodes.

As I said the onboarding documentation is still rough. I'm using quite a few shortcodes to add the special special syntax boxes and headers and other nice tricks if you saw the other tutorials format.

sounds good i will start thinking of ideas.


Huh, that's a cool idea :D
But the search funcionality isn't working right now :p


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