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Share Your Grant for the Web Hackathon Updates!

Making progress on your submission for the Grant for the Web Hackathon? Let us know what you’re building and how things are going!

This thread is for sharing ideas, gathering feedback, and generally just a place for you to get to know your fellow devs.

If you have a big update or just worked through a tough problem, we encourage you to publish a standalone post, but don’t forget to add the #gftwhackathon tag so we can read all about it!

And if you need help with a specific problem, check out our dedicated help thread! where the Grant for the Web support crew is standing by to answer your questions :)

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Peter Kim Frank

This post from the Coil team about the "100+20 Rule for Premium Content" really got the gears in my head turning about fun projects.

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Nice! Thanks for sharing!

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Phil Nash

I think this is a really interesting hackathon. I'm fascinated to see what others create.

I put in a small hack myself in the foundational tech category:

I'd love to know what you think.

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Mihail Malo